Monday, March 23, 2015

From Monterrey to USA: by car or by plane?

Before deciding on the means of transport to travel to the United States from Monterrey, there are factors to be taken into account

Driving to the United States from Monterrey is a viable option because the city is relatively close to the border. Only in the international bridge "Colombia-Solidarity", one of the four bridges connecting Mexico to Laredo, Texas, receives an average of 6000 non-commercial cars per month.

However, it is not always the ideal way to get to this country. Factors such as time, cost and safety are involved when making the decision to travel by car or plane; it is also important to define the purpose of the visit and the final destination.

Distance: Driving is a realistic alternative because Laredo, Texas is located just 220 kilometers away from the city of Monterrey. Once being in the US, one can take a plane to travel further afield, or continue driving to ongoing cities like San Antonio or Houston.

Time: A very crucial factor is time, it takes on average 2 hours and 25 minutes to reach the United States by driving, without taking into account the traffic and delays at the international bridges.
On the other hand, the airline Vivaaerobus, for example, offers round-trip flights from Monterrey to San Antonio or Houston, which have a flight time of about 1 hour and 10 minutes and 1 hour and 25 minutes respectively. However that does not include waiting time at the airport and security patches.

Cost: Another very important factor is the price of the trip, while flights to San Antonio and Houston, Texas have an average value of $1,080 and $1,570 pesos respectively, plus additional taxes and baggage fees; car expenses include only $177 pesos fee by highway 85D, $3 fee at the international bridge and the gas consumption, which can be divided among the passengers.

Holidays: When the purpose of the trip is to make a particular ride or take a vacation, it may be more convenient to travel by plane and avoid the fatigue of driving.

Purchases: If the purpose of the trip is shopping, the car is ideal for visiting the malls, outlets, and shops. Avoiding luggage space limits and paying additional fees that can be as high as $500 pesos per bag.

Safety is a factor that concerns drivers due to the increase in violent crimes in northern Mexico, so the plane is the best alternative regardless of the financial cost.

In the end the decision depends on the priorities and preferences of each traveler, however it is important to know the details of each options and be prepared to travel in the way that is most convenient.

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